Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New releases

Note: The links below don't work... they do though if you first go to this page: click here and then click on the song links... sorry!

New releases by bodhiTree!

Usual copyleft applies.


Song: Sabka Katega (link mp3)

Performed by:
Written by: Satadru Bagchi
Vocals: Satadru Bagchi
Background Vocals/Mumblings: Abhishek Narain
Guitars: Abhishek Narain
Bass: Jishnu Dasgupta



Song: XL Ki Kudiyan (link mp3)

(New version by current batches (20 06, 07))

Performed by:
Written by: Rohit Munjal (XLer - 2003)
Vocals: Satadru Bagchi
Background Vocals/Agonised Screams: Jishnu Dasgupta, Abhishek Narain
Bass: Jishnu Dasgupta
Guitars: Abhishek Narain
Tabla: S. Chandrasekhar



Anonymous Anonymous said...

geocities links wont work for a long time

kuch aur intezaam karo bhai

thnk u

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now available at

7:51 AM  
Blogger Ajit Chouhan said...

Cool stuff gang................keep it rolling guys..2 gud ...

7:29 PM  
Blogger Ajit Chouhan said...

Cool stuff gang................keep it rolling guys..2 gud ...

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great to hear upcoming bands in india not afraid to try stuff :))

tell us something about the band too...

where do they play, what are they upto, upcoming songs etc...keep us posted :)

10:08 PM  
Blogger Sagar Neel De said...

I'm from IIT Kgp. Just found the songs from our LAN. Its awesum. I havent heard any other romantic voice ever b4. And I mean it.

I would be grateful if you provide the lyrics and guitar tabs.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Prem Piyush said...

The Orkut Community for bodhiTree lovers

Clik on the above link .. this is for all bodhiTree lovers .. joinn together to appreciate them

11:28 PM  
Blogger Oka the irrepressible said...

You guys rock.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

w+at the f*** is this
u cnt even +hear the song

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amazing !!! jst no words for the songs...guys keep up the efforts ...Rohit lyrics are gr8 , chandrashekhar the tabla is good and Mr.Bagchi ur vocals are awesome....keep it up

4:20 AM  
Blogger Arjun Thodge said...

I've heard most of your stuff... some guys even tried a rendition of your XL Ki Kudiyan (after they were down a few)... but this one has outdone it... real meaning! being a fellow MBA Alumnus... I can totally relate to it. I have seen 'sabka katte hue'...

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Hina Kouser said...

Hey guys......Cool stuff. The song XL ki kudiyan is toooo good and loved the voice as well. Keep up the good work.

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amazing yaar..nvr heard such soothing song b4

12:42 PM  
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